Thursday, 4 February 2010


This is a selection of my work from A-Level Graphics, my year studying Typography at Reading and the Foundation Studies in Art & Design course I am currently on.

I've been studying Graphic Design for a few years now, and it is something I have developed a huge interest for, and something I thoroughly enjoy doing. However it is one of a few strong interests of mine, which also includes music, photography, and film, and also some smaller interests such as animation, art and literature. I also play a bit of hockey in my spare time for a local club.

My interest in the programme has come about for many reasons. The course itself is a much broader approach than what I had studied previously at Reading, with a more Art School feel, and a more exciting approach to design. Also the studios set up really appeals to me, with the huge windows letting in so much natural light, but the third year studio particularly with the panoramic view of the centre of Manchester would be such a wonderful space to work in.

Manchester itself also draws me in, it seems like an exciting place to be. There is the Warehouse Project and then there's the new Factory Records club, Fac251, opening this weekend. It also has a great history, Factory Records and Peter Saville, The Smiths, The Fall and I believe Nico lived there for a while.
I hope this isn't cheeky, I know you asked for JPEGs, but I tried to upload a short video I made, but I couldn't get it to work. Here's the Youtube link you would like to have a look at it? It's only about 1.30 minutes long.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A couple of photos from a photography sequence done on my foundation using a projector, a TV and some developed film.
This is an illustration for a project at college, I used water-colour and fine-liners. We were given the challenge of making something boring like a multi-storey car park, interesting.
A photogram I made at college. I made quite a few using the bottle, I liked the way it manipulated the light rather than just being a solid shape.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

This was a project I did while studying at Reading, it is a four way folding leaflet on 'How to open a bottle of wine'. The leaflet was around the same height as a bottle of wine, I wanted the leaflet to be as close a representation of opening a bottle of wine as possible.
Another project I did at Reading was to a design this poster for The Science Museum. The image is meant to be algae cells growing across the page, as I had seen there was an exhibtion at the museum on 'How Algae could be the solution to all the worlds energy problems'.
This was my final A-Level Graphics piece the project was on CCTV, so I took an Invasion of Privacy approach.

Another piece of work from A-Level Graphics, I chose a photography based project and looked into the work of Uta Barth, and this is what I came up with.